Offering ideas and speaking for initiatives which will influence the lives and cultural experiences of children and young people is Sue’s priority. She has a track record of appearances in national media over many years as an authority on education matters. She has appeared on national news programmes on radio and television. Sue has a trusted role as a speaker and panellist at conferences and seminars, relied on to be engaging and interactive and to spark debate and get the audience thinking.

She has contributed to general interest media items commenting on a range of topics,  such as the nation's favourite books or the place of geography in the curriculum .

   Sue is a Leading Thinker for the  National Education Trust .  


 The  place of Inquiry in science teaching, which is proving to be significant in the development
 of the new curriculum, is the topic of an article for the Wellcome Trust, 
Perspectives: Is     
  scientific inquiry mere pedagogy or  real  science? 

   Another paper, Developing the curriculum with boys in mind,   was written for a seminar at the  Thomas More Institute .

 Sue is frequently consulted informally on a range of areas, as she has a wide knowledge of education and an    extensive professional network. She is a member of the National Foundation for Educational Research  Advisory  group.