Sue is an experienced executive director and senior manager who has been responsible for developing complex strategies and giving shape to national policies and their implementation. She has worked with colleagues at the highest level of government and more broadly with a wide range of partners from different fields. Experienced in television and media work, and in negotiations over remits, contracts and project processes, Sue has unique in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, its continuities and innovations over 20 years.

Sue is recognised as an international expert in literacy teaching and assessment.  Sue has lectured at international conferences including in such countries as USA, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, Portugal, Georgia, Norway and China, and has been England’s representative in a number of European projects.

In Oman Sue has been leading a project to support the Omanis to update and improve their curriculum for ages 5 to 19. She has devised the process for education experts in Oman to rethink and innovate in devising a new curriculum framework fit for students in 21 st century Oman.

Sue is Chair of the Royal Society for the Arts Academies Board. This involves working with a group  of schools  to support them in  developing in their students a wide range of skills, in the Arts  , Manufacturing and  Commerce,  as well as promoting success in academic and social terms.  The RSA seeks to add value in collaborating  with the  schools through its network of Fellows and the breadth of its  interest in innovation.

Sue has continued to participate in discussions at a national level in England. This includes contributing to a televised debate about the future of national curriculum assessment  and an article on the future of GCSE Learning not grading .   She has also led a project for another part of the UK, which was innovative in devising on-screen tests of literacy for primary age children.