Sue Horner is a leader in education and the arts. She has an overview of the education landscape that few can match and has developed and put into practice nationally important aspects of curriculum, assessment and qualifications. Her work has been key to arts initiatives, particularly in encouraging creative reading and writing over many years.

Sue has steered the development of the primary and secondary national curriculum in England. She is the author of an influential assessment system for teachers which is widespread across schools in England. Her aim has always been to encourage children and young people to learn and achieve their best. Recently she has been advising on curriculum development in other countries.

Sue is a passionate advocate for creativity and the arts, particularly the importance of a love of literature and reading. She has led national projects to promote reading, writing and drama for all children in schools. She is currently actively working with charities dedicated to promoting creative reading and writing and a love of books. In 2013 Sue was awarded the MBE for services to literature.

Throughout her career Sue has made significant contributions on a wide range of significant issues and ideas in the teaching of English. Her publications have explored and defined principles and practice in teaching English. This was the focus of her PhD.

She is recognised as an international expert on reading and its assessment and participated in a number of international projects on reading and writing.

Sue is an experienced communicator and has appeared in a range of TV and radio programmes.

Sue is interested in work in these areas and would be happy to discuss any possibilities.